Our Partners


National Model

We license a national model for training purposes. We work together to serve more youth and families in Cleveland.


YWCA of Greater Cleveland

Their partnership and their belief in Community of Hope's work has enabled the work to grow in our city.  They serve formerly homeless young people.  Their work around eliminating racism and empowering women inspires our work.


Cuyahoga County Dept of Children and family services

Without the support of the Director of Children & Family Service, we would not have as many tables and as much community support as we have today.  In 2016, the Director heard youth tell their story of how having a table had changed their lives and he instantly wanted more youth to have tables. They are working hard at creating permanency for every child in foster care, and if that goal is not achieved---they want youth to have tables to surround and support them as they go out into the community.


National Council of Jewish women

The National Council of Jewish Women in Cleveland are national leaders in the advocacy and volunteer engagement. They focus on improving the lives of women, children and families all over the country and in our city.



Fill This House

Fill This House is a faith-based organization that follows biblical principles. By raising funds, purchasing items, and conducting collection drives in the corporate and faith communities, we have the ability to provide newly emancipated youth with household goods, such as towels, dishes, flatware, bedding, pots & pans, toasters, kitchen utensils, etc.



There are many churches that support this work and for them we are forever grateful.  They are following the Scriptural mandate to serve the fatherless and those impacted by poverty.


Businesses and hospitals are beginning to look at how they can use the work we are doing to give employees more meaningful volunteer experiences.