Building lasting relationships, nurturing hope, restoring dignity for youth in Cleveland

Community of Hope

Creating change through relationship.

We are creating small communities of hope where young adults who have experienced foster care connect weekly with a committed group of volunteer mentors. Young people look forward to coming to their Community because it is a place of peace and belonging. The youth-led partnership promotes new experiences through action, love and lasting relationships.

One hour a week changes everything.

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What we do

Breaking cycles requires building new communities and connections. We build permanent supportive relationships that transform lives around our region.

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January 2018

"Transitioning to adulthood isn't easy, especially when you don't have the greatest support. My 20's have been nothing but unanswered questions and a guessing game, hoping that I make the right decisions while trying to figure out who I am. I was reluctant at first to join Open Table. But now I can't see my life without them. I have a group of people I can turn to for answers and guidance. We're all different colors, backgrounds, and characters, but somehow we all work. I love my new family and they love me too. They show me support and make sure to check on me when I'm not having the greatest day. I know I'm never alone because I have a support system of 7 backing me up. I'm so grateful for Amber Donovan and Community of Hope coming into my life." -young adult

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